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Upgraded Engine
Buying a new car is always exciting because of the new car smell and the new engine feel, but this rarely lasts for long. In order to keep being excited to drive your car, many people have upgrades done to their engines.

When you are trying to decide what upgrades are worth it, it is important to make sure that the upgrades are worth your money.

We are the only company in the U.S. that includes these upgrades in our remanufactured engines.

Upgraded internals includes:

  • 3-layer head gasket

  • Upgraded new 8 MM timing chain and 8 MM tensioners
  • Newly upgraded timing actuator to fit an 8 MM chain
  • The timing chain guide & rails are upgraded to aluminum/plastic (  OEM is all plastic).
  • 11 mm head bolts
  • Hatted triple coated sleeves/liners
  • Cadmium plated pistons
  • Anodized top rings
  • Phosphatized surface rings
  • Oversized reinforced main and rod bearings
  • A performance oil pump with thicker gauged oil lines to allow the correct amount of oil flow to the engine
  • A reinforced heat-treated metal bottom
  • New valve covers
  • Front & rear main seals, tube seals, VVT seals, timing cover inside and out seals, oil pan seal, valve cover seals.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • New OEM water pump package:
    • Water pump
    • Thermostat
    • Heater pipe
    • Hose from Heater Pipe to Throttle body
    • 2 Hoses from the water pump to Throttle Body
    • 2 Piece water outlet pipe
    • Water outlet pipe with extra o-ring from oil cooler to water pump
  • Remanufactured supercharger/turbo
  • Complete set of remanufactured injectors

We also provide our customers access to quality used Jaguar and Land Rover parts. We have many discontinued/back ordered parts in stock, so contact us to upgrade your engine today!
Our experts will have your Jaguar engine or Land Rover engine running good as new and probably even better! Learn more about Jag-Land to see why we're the real deal when it comes to upgrading your engine! Not only do we remanufacture engines, but we remanufacture transmissions as well!

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