Remanufactured Transmissions

Why Get a Remanufactured Transmission?

remanufactured transmissions
If your Jaguar or Land Rover is in need of a new engine or transmission, first consider a remanufactured transmission. Remanufactured transmissions are often cheaper than a brand new one, while still running just as efficiently and smoothly. When you are in the market for a remanufactured transmission, be sure to check out our shop. With over seventy years of experience, we are experts in our field. Our service technicians can work on Jaguar and Land Rover engines all the way from 1998 till today. To make it even more civenenient for our customers when they are looking for refurbished transmissions and engines, we ship nationwide.

Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt Transmissions

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There are a couple of key differences between "remanufactured" and just "rebuilt" engines. While a rebuilt transmission may be cheaper than a remanufactured transmission, it will not last as long. Rebuilt engines only have broken parts replaced or repaired, and these parts can be used parts. At Jag-Land, when we remanufacture an transmission, we use new parts and replace all soft parts in the transmission. By doing this, it makes the transmission very close to new, so that it will run just as smoothly as your original transmission. This process also ensures not only durability, but longevity for your life of your engine. The better the engine upgrade, the longer it'll last!

Why Choose a Jag-Land Remanufactured Transmission?

At JagLand, before we do any work towards remanufacturing a transmission, we first break it down and thoroughly clean every part. By doing this, we make it easier for our certified technicians to see what needs to be fixed or replaced without worrying about any dirt or grime accumulation. The technician then inspects all of the hard parts, and if there are any weaknesses it is replaced with a remanufactured or new OEM quality part, all of the soft parts are replaced with new ones, and then the engine is reassembled. 

While the engine is being reassembled, all of the parts are painted and polished. This way the engine not only runs like new, but looks it too!
After the engines have been reassembled, they are Dyno tested. This runs a customized testing program for each engine, and also a spin and load test. A Dyno test is performed to test the torque of the engine and to give a reading of how much power is in the engine. 

After tests are performed on the remanufactured Jaguar and Land Rover engines, they are inspected again to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible and will run smoothly in your vehicle for a long time to come. For further peace of mind with your new remanufactured transmission, we offer a year/12,000 mile warranty. 

Who Knew Remanufactured Transmissions Would Be This Good?

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