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Jag-Land offers remanufactured engines for all Land Rover and Range Rover models. This includes Range Rover & Land Rover Engines dating from 1998 to the most recent productions in 2023 (yes, even diesel!)

We have sold thousands of Land Rover and Range Rover engines. Choose Jag-Land and experience excellence. 

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Save significantly compared to buying a new vehicle, and get a level of quality and reliability beyond what even Jaguar & Land Rover could have imagined



Our in-house technicians are experts in Jaguar and Land Rover engines, guaranteeing you unparalleled quality directly from the source



Every engine and transmission built in our facility comes with a 1-year/12,000-mile warranty, offering you peace of mind directly from the experts who crafted it.

Unmatched Quality on Land Rover and Range Rover Engines

Experience the Jag-Land Difference with Our Superior Remanufactured Engines for Land Rover and Range Rover Models. Each purchase is backed by an industry-leading one-year/12,000-mile warranty, starting from the moment of delivery. Our location in Sun Valley, California, close to Los Angeles, enables us to ship our top-tier remanufactured Land Rover engines efficiently across the entire United States.

Choosing Jag-Land for your Land Rover engine means more than just cost savings over purchasing a new car or engine. It's investing in an engine that surpasses the reliability and performance standards of original Land Rover manufacturers. Our expert team is readily available for any queries or assistance in selecting the perfect engine for your specific Land Rover model. Contact us today for personalized support and guidance.

Get the Best While Spending Less

Remanufactured Land Rover Engines

Many of us know the feeling when you feel your car engine make a weird noise and give out on you; knowing that you will need a new car or engine is always bad news. Especially in today’s market, buying a new car is extremely difficult and expensive. This is why, at Jag-Land, we offer remanufactured Land Rover and Range Rover engines for sale. These remanufactured engines are a fraction of the cost of a brand-new replacement engine or a brand-new car. Our skilled technicians meticulously rebuild engines to better-than-new condition for your Land Rover. Once installed, your vehicle will run smoothly and efficiently, as if it were brand new.

rebuilt land rover engines

Our Remanufacturing Process

Jag-Land's commitment to quality is evident in our remanufacturing process. We utilize top-quality OEM parts, including new rod bearings, main bearings, refurbished cylinder heads, rings, cam chains, cam tensioners, and water pumps. Furthermore, we replace all wearable parts to extend the engine's longevity, ensuring it withstands daily wear and tear with resilience comparable to a brand-new engine.

Offering a diverse selection of remanufactured Land Rover engines, Jag-Land proudly stands as a leader in providing alternatives that rival the quality and durability of new engines but at a more accessible price. Contact us today for a personalized quote and discover how our remanufactured engines can revitalize your Land Rover experience.

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